Cardiac Rehabilitation

The primary objective of rehabilitation is to slow or reverse the progression of cardiovascular disease, reducing the risk of heart disease, another cardiac event or premature death. Candidates for cardiac rehabilitation services at St.Vincent Salem include those who are recovering from a heart attack, heart surgery, angioplasty or stent, angina or diagnosed coronary artery disease; individuals who have had a pacemaker implanted; and people who are at high risk for developing heart disease.

“The cardiac rehabilitation program at St.Vincent Salem includes counseling on the proper use of prescribed medications, information about modifying risk factors through lifestyle changes, support services and medically supervised exercise,” said Brenda Mollet, RN, St.Vincent Salem Hospital cardiac rehabilitation nurse.

Cardiac rehabilitation takes place on an outpatient basis and is personally customized to each patient. At first, patients are monitored for progression and to see how exercise affects the heart (*Phase II), before continuing rehabilitation on their own (**Phase III). In addition, cardiac rehabilitation includes techniques to incorporate heart healthy habits into the patients’ way of life.

Outpatient rehabilitation includes:

  • close supervision during the exercise regimen
  • preparation to return to work
  • education and counseling to reduce the risk of future heart problems

Combining all of these parts of rehabilitation improves the heart’s functional capacity, enhances quality of life, reduces cardiovascular risk factors and helps foster a sense of optimism about what the future holds.

For more information on the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at St.Vincent Salem, call 812-896-0139.

*Phase II is covered by most insurances.
**Phase III cardiac rehabilitation is offered for a minimal monthly fee.