Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation

Extra Time to Heal… Now Closer to Home

After a hospital stay, not everyone has the ability and strength to return to everyday living.  Our Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation or Swing Bed program facilitates a smooth transition between an acute care stay and returning home, or to other living arrangements.

If a patient needs more time to recover from an illness, injury or surgery, our program allows them to do so in a hospital setting that is closer to home and family support. The St.Vincent Salem Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation program provides the patient with access to 24-hour skilled nursing care and rehabilitation therapies (physical and occupational), all in one location within the hospital.

What Does “Swing Bed” Mean?

The term Skilled Rehab or “swing bed” refers to the practice of “swinging” from one level of care – acute care that requires hospitalization – to the next level of care – continued skilled nursing and rehabilitation therapies as the patient continues their recovery.

Is It Covered By Medicare?

Skilled Nursing Rehab generally qualifies for Medicare under the following conditions:

  1. Your condition is complex enough to require skilled nursing and /or skilled rehabilitation therapies.
  2. You have had at least a three day stay in an acute care setting within the past 30 days.

What If The Patient Received Acute Care at Another Hospital?

Even if the patient had surgery or was hospitalized elsewhere, they can still transfer from that facility to receive Skilled Nursing care close to home at St.Vincent Salem Hospital.

How Long Does Swing Bed Care Last?

The length of stay is individualized to each patient. Our licensed nurses and clinicians work collaboratively to help each patient get better quickly so they may return home as soon as possible.

How Is a Skilled Nursing Rehab Program Unique?

The goal of the Skilled Nursing Rehab program is to help patient’s improve their health and function as quickly as possible so they may return to home or other living arrangements within a set period of time.

Program includes:

  • It is located in a hospital setting
  • Registered nurses on staff 24 hours/day
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy are provided only by licensed clinicians (no aides)
  • In-house pharmacy and registered dietitian
  • High nurse-to-patient ratio
  • Specialized Wound Care (e.g., Wound VAC)
  • 24-hour Emergency Department
  • Discharge planning services
  • Regular physician visits

For more information on the Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation program at St.Vincent Salem Hospital, please contact our Discharge Planner at 812-883-5881 ext. 1227.