What to Expect

What to ExpectWe follow a thorough set of procedures to ensure patients and their families have an understanding of how to prepare for their arrival at Seton. This makes for a more successful transition process for everyone involved.


A clinical nurse liaison will complete a pre-admission assessment, gathering information from the patient's medical providers and any family members involved in their care. This process helps ensure Seton is the most appropriate environment for the patient's treatment plan.

Why am I Moving?

Long-term acute care hospitals (LTACH) are focused on patients with serious medical problems that require intense, special treatment for a long period of time - usually 20-30 days. The biggest difference between LTACH's and traditional hospitals is that LTACH's specialize in long-term acute care services while a traditional hospital offers many general services (like emergency rooms, maternity departments and pediatrics).

The graph below depicts the differences in care between an LTACH, an Acute Rehabilitation Hospital and a Skilled Nursing Facility.

If you have questions, please contact our admissions coordinator at 317.415.8450.

What does the patient need? LTACH Acute Rehabilitation Skilled Nursing Facility
Can the facility take care of specialized patient needs? (Ventilator management and weaning, trauma including brain injury for example) YES NO NO
Does the facility have 24-hour on-site physician/medical provider coverage? YES (Physician visits daily) NO (Physician visits every 1-2 days) NO (Physician visits every 30 days)
Does the facility have Respiratory Therapy coverage in-house 24 hours each day? YES NO NO
Does the facility provide Rehabilitation services? YES (Individualized patient plan to provide PT, OT and ST as tolerated, an average of 1-5 times per week.) YES (Patient needs to tolerate 15 hours of therapy over 7 days) YES (Patient can receive up to 2.25 hours a day)
Licensed as an Acute Care Hospital YES YES NO
Certified and reimbursed by Medicare Part A YES YES YES
Recognized and reimbursed by Commercial Insurances YES YES YES

Touring the Facility

It would be our privilege to arrange a tour of our hospital so that you may see first-hand our commitment to comfort, quality and compassion. We encourage touring our facilities and believe it is very valuable in making an informed decision about the next level of care for you or your loved one. Tours can be given anytime Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Tours after 4:30pm weekdays, weekends and holidays should be prearranged with our Admissions Coordinator. For more information or to schedule a tour, please call 317-415-8450.

Verification of Insurance Coverage

Our admissions department will verify insurance coverage to ensure the patient will be covered during their stay. The patient may be asked to provide a copy of his or her insurance cards to help with verification.


The clinical nurse liaison will work with the sending medical facility to determine the date and time of patient readiness for admission. A room will be identified and assigned based on availability, clinical care needs and condition of the patient. Patients are evaluated for admission to either a regular or a high-observation bed based on medical necessity. An admitting physician will be determined based on patient needs, and a clinical assessment will be provided to care providers so equipment and supplies can be arranged to ensure safe care is delivered from admission.


Seton’s admissions coordinator will arrange transportation. The patient will be transported by ambulance if their medical condition warrants. The patient may or may not be accompanied by a Seton staff member. Also, the patient’s clinical needs will be reviewed to determine whether a Seton respiratory therapist will accompany the patient on transport for admission.